Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Surreal Moment

I was reminded this week how quickly life can change. Monday was a normal day of doing normal stuff. That night I went to a leadership team meeting and about 7:30 I began having some minor discomfort in my chest and by 9:30 I was on my way to the emergency room experiencing severe chest pains. After several hours of tests, doctors came and told us that they thought I might be having a heart attack and
called life flight to transport me to Akron City Hospital.

In the moments following the news that I was being life flighted I had time to reflect on my life. As the helicopter lifted off and headed toward Akron my first thought was, what if the Lord was choosing to take me from this earth at this moment ? What would my first glimpse of eternity be like? What would I experience when I passed through from this life to my eternal reward? What would it be like to see Jesus face to face? What was I about to experience? I was excited, afraid and anxious all at the same time.

My thoughts moved to Verda and the children. Had I been a godly husband? Had I been kind of husband that Verda deserved? What about my children? Did I live my life in such a way that would impact their lives in a positive way? Did I give them a good foundation for them to build their faith? How would my family remember me? Yea a truly surreal moment.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning while sitting in the CCU unit I reflected on my experience a day earlier. I found it interesting that I never thought about material things like IRA's nice cars or a bigger house. I didn't think about ballgames, vacations, or work, no only the "most" important things came to mind on Tuesday morning.

Now as I looked forward I realize there need to be some changes made.I have to spend more time focusing on the "most" important things in my everyday life? I can't get so caught up in important things that I overlook the "most" important things like my Lord, my wife, and my children.and my friends. My heart needs work in more than one way.

Don't wait for a surreal moment to remember the most important things in your life. Begin today focusing more of your time and energy on the most important people in your life.


  1. Glad ur back home..The first thing i thought about when i heard the news wasnt, how big of a house or car u had, it was how will the church carry on with out you if u were gone..Sorry thought u might die...:) thanks 4 all u do.

  2. What a great thing to take away from such a scary experience. Another thing to think about...what if you had not started getting fit and healthier all those months ago? Would this heart issue have proved to be much worse for you? God knew this would be happening to you so maybe he gave you a "kick in the butt" to get fit to prepare you for this.

    God works in so many amazing ways and I wish I could hear your next sermon (as I'm sure you would mention this experience)