Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who was John

As we begin this journey through the book of John I hope you will challenged and inspired by the study. When studying a book it is always good to know some of the background info. I hope it will be helpful.

Author: John the Apostle, son of Zebedee and Salome, and younger brother of James. John was following in his father Zebedee’s footsteps as a fisherman when Jesus called him His mother was Salome . His brother, James, was also one of the Twelve and the first apostle to be martyred. They fished on the Sea of Galilee with Peter and Andrew.One might predict that someone with a personality like John’s would self-destruct. Certainly this person would die in a fight or in a clash with the Roman government. At the very least, he would be discarded by the church as self-seeking and power-hungry.But such was not the case. Instead, John was transformed into someone who was strong but gentle, straightforward but loving, courageous but humble. There is no dramatic event to account for John’s transformation—it must have come from being with Jesus, being accepted, loved, and affirmed by the Lord, and then being filled with the Holy Spirit. So overwhelmed was John by Jesus that he did not mention himself by name in the Gospel that bears his name. Instead, he wrote of himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved” . What a humble change for one who, at first, had wanted power and recognition.John stands as a great example of Christ’s power to transform lives. Christ can change anyone—no one is beyond hope. Jesus accepted John as he was, a Son of Thunder, and changed him into what he would become, the apostle of love.r of James. (QuickVerse)

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