Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 4

Experiencing Purpose

"Speak Lord your servant is listening" 1 Sam.3:10

Most people think that God has no word, no calling, no vision fro them. Truth is every Christian has a calling. In fact every Christian has several callings as well as God given gifts, abilities, and blessings to respond to those callings.

Are you taking time to listen to his voice? Are you being obedient to his voice? Responding to His calling is the greatest and most rewarding thing you can do.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 3

Experience Purpose

As we begin this journey of discerning what each of our roles should be in the building of the community center here at Fairlawn  I pulled this thought from day 3 of the 20 day devotional in the Maximum Impact Advance packet the church received.

No church builds a structure just to have a nice building. No church expands ministries just to be a bigger church. No person makes a sacrificial financial commitment just to get some kind of service or program benefit. People – and churches – do not give their lives or their resources or their selves to a building or to a program or to being bigger. What people will give their lives to is a God-given purpose, a higher calling. So the most important question to answer in any capital program is not what are you doing, but WHY are you are doing it.

Why is FMCchurch doing these things? In other words, what does God call this church to be and to do? What is the purpose God calls has called us to? And how does this capital program provide tools for Fairlawn to respond to that calling?

We have been called to go and make disciples. The building is not the vision the building is a tool we use to help us work toward the vision God has given us.